About Us

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Bhop Panesar FCPA founded B S Panesar & Associates Ltd in January 1996 after spending 17 years working in different departments of HMRC, with the last job focusing on specialist investigation. This now gives an invaluable 37 years of knowledge on both sides of the fence, which is passed onto you.

Digital Solutions

With the advent of making tax digital, tax reporting over the next few years is due to undergo a change that will make the introduction of self-assessment in 1997 (for those of you can remember!) seem like a walk in the park.

This does not have to be as difficult as envisaged. Today, we all have phones, laptops, computers, and iPads™. We are online 24/7. We are now in a digital world and can access most of what we want on our phone. Companies are forever developing ways to make things faster and quicker to satisfy the end user - YOU. So why can't this be the same for accountants?

The image of accountants so far, has been about OLD historic data, unknown tax payments, big accounting bills, lots of paperwork, dull grey suits, and in some cases, being presented with pages of accounts where you have no clue what they mean and just sign on the dotted line anyway. This needs to change - come to us and embrace the cloud world.

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